{Olive} Me Loves This Outfit

Say hello to my gorgeous mini me- my cousin Peyton!!

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend and is ready to tackle Monday. Did everyone notice my adorable little cousin Peyton and of course Miss Bella Louise? Peyton is such a mini me and loves to be included in all of my photos. It’s so much fun! I have been loving everything olive this season and this outfit represents it all. I have been having a lot of wine and cheese nights with my family and besties and we always have olives on our cheese board. This could be where my obsession began. These leggings also have hints of glitter throughout them so you know I am SOLD!!!! AND this jacket is fur trimmed and has a cute adjustable waistband for when you are trying to reveal that awesome figure of yours but still stay warm. Let me know if y’all purchase anything and love it!

I linked the leggings below because Shop Style didn’t have the exact location but everything is down under. Just a click away from your olive dreams. I was curious to know what outfit ideas you all were interested in seeing and would love for you to comment and give me a heads up of what you all are dying for! Thank you for following and reading about my college life and I love y’all!

Olive Leggings: https://www.stellaraes.com/products/my-all-olive-velvet-leggings-with-back-pockets



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Three Words: Little. Black. Dress.

One is NEVER over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress.Karl Lagerfeld


Earrings: Sophee Drop Earrings in Gold

Necklace: Racquel Triangle Pendant

Thigh High Boots: Over the Knee Boot

Michael Kors Tote

The Outfit

I swear guys my wardrobe is black, black and more black! I just can’t get over how slimming and classic a simply black dress is! This dress is suede and sooooooo comfortable. It hugs you in just the right way and is actually sleeveless so you can throw it on with a cardigan or when it’s warmer out you can just simply throw it on. I have linked all of my outfit details below and above! Some of the peices I bought at Forever 21 so of course they are probably sold out but I have inked similar items. Anyways, you can’t really go wrong with the classic Michael Kors tote either. I think it needs to be a staple in every girls wardrobe.


ON A SIDE NOTE… how are my lovely readers? What’s new? How have y’all been? I have been so busy with school and life that I haven’t blogged in probably 6 months. I went through a HORRIBLE break up this summer and have been on the mend ever sense. Recovery is a process and a broken heart truly sucks all of the life out of you but I am back and ready to take on the new year with all of you lovely people. I will probably open up with more personal info this year about my breakup, life and just the honest struggles and trials I go through. Honesty is something you will always get from me so get ready for the nitty gritty details about my life.

I can’t wait for my blog posts coming up, collabs and to continue talking about my travels. I hope everyone has been doing well and I’ve missed you all SO SO SO much! Let the blogging begin, continue and thrive in 2018. LETS GO BABES!!

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Now this is more my speed!

Hostel in Sorrento!

Sorrento and Capri were by far one of my favorite places that I visited while in Italy. I am biased though and love anything that has to do with water and the sea. When I was little I was convinced I was a mermaid so it makes sense that I feel most at peace when near water. We checked into our hotel around 5:00 pm on June 5th in Sorrento. This hostel was very nice and colorful on this giant hill called Ulisse Deluxe Hostel, but once again four of us were crammed into the tiniest room. Way smaller than Rome. All four of our beds were touching. The shower was also very strange. It did not have a shower curtain but a shower door, but that wasn’t the strange part. The odd part was it was half a shower door so your nice hot shower you stayed cold because half was open at all times. Hello creepy!!

First meal in Sorrento
One of the fluffy bunnies in the garden!

Once we checked in we were free to grab dinner. We ate in this adorable Alice and Wonderland garden. They had bunny rabbits grazing all over and you could pet and play with them while you ate your delicious pizza. While we were in Sorrento we didn’t have any tours planned, which confused me. My professor told us the next day we just needed our swimsuits and a smile because we were in store for a relaxing treat!



I had no idea the fun the day next would bring. We left our hostel in our bathing suits, cover-ups and money ready to spend and headed to the island of Capri around 8:30 a.m. Of course we walked to the ferry to pick up our tickets but only a picture can do it justice of the amount of steps we had to walk down to reach the ferry’s. Yeah there was a lot and trust me going up them was not fun.

The never ending steps we had to climb down to reach the ferry!

Once we reached the end of the steps we hoped on a ferry that took us to our water taxi cabs where we were transported to Capri. The taxis fit about 6 people and my groups was awesome because it had a nice cushioned space to lay out. We went around the whole island of Capri and went through the Blue Grotto, saw orange and purple coral and even got to jump in the Gulf of Naples and swim. It was a dream come true! The water was beautiful and so blue!  I felt like an actual mermaid, I was so happy. I highly reccommend a tour around the island in the water. By far the most relaxing part of my adventure. Prepare for the flood of photos babes!


Waiting for our water taxi in Sorrento

In the cave where we saw purple and orange coral!
Orange Coral!



Alpha Phi sisters take on Capri!

And just like that… we jumped!

The Real Adventure…

Once our water taxis dropped us off in Capri we were on our own for five hours to be tourists and explore Capri. Did we know we would be alone fending for ourselves? Nope! Our Professor legit dropped us off and said, “Okay find your way back to the water taxis by 5! Bye!” Scary but manageable. Capri is famous for its lemons. They grow them right there on the island so there were tons of lemon slushes, spritzers and drinks that you have to try! I got a lemon gelato and it tasted just like the lemonhead candy.

My lemon gelato

 Our group also ate at this yummy restaurant right where we got off the water taxis. It was higher up on the cliff and the view was to die for!

View from our balcony lunch

I got a seafood angel haired pasta and it was so fresh! I went out of my comfort zone with the mussels and was so glad I did.

After lunch we split up and went souvenir shopping and found our way to the other side of the island, where our ferry would pick us up at 5:00 pm and take us back to Sorrento. Capri doesn’t really have any historical sites. It is a lavish place for relaxation and to enjoy the Gulf of Naples. I recommend staying in Sorrento and taking a day trip to Capri, because there is more to do in Sorrento. But either way you have to take a water taxi! I could have stayed on it all day long.

Waiting for our ferry back to Sorrento!
Shrimp Risotto!

After we got back to our hostel time caught up with everybody and we passed out. We had to be up early to depart for our next destination.

Lessons Learned

1. I was meant to live by the sea.

2. Capri and Sorrento are my favorite places in the world.

3. Being stranded in Rome is scary but not in Capri.

4. The people who live in Capri are absolutely fabulous!

5. Branching out with different seafood isn’t as scary as I thought.

6. Taking risks and finding adventures everywhere is what is truly exciting in life.

D-Magazine photo


Sometimes you just need your girls and a whole day of letting loose. What better way to do this than attending the first Rosé Wine Walk that happened a few weeks ago in Dallas. I noticed the event going on through Facebook to celebrate national Rosé day and knew this was the perfect way to get me out of my funk and make lasting memories with my favorites!

Rosé Wine Walk on Henderson Ave

Hosted by Stay Social Dallas & Dallassites101

On June 10th my girls, mom and I hopped in my car and were off to the first annual wine walk. Our $15 tickets included a free wine glass, 1 free glass of Jolie Folle Rosé, photo booth ops and $5 rosé specials at each participating venue. We were worried to wear wedges because we thought it was going to be a lot more walking, but luckily it was just moving from one venue to the next all along Henderson Ave.


1st Stop The Eberhard

The wine glass I got to keep and use all day!

Personally, I had never been to the Eberhard so I had no idea how fancy and classy it was. There was gorgeous chandeliers and comfy outside seating. We arrived around 1:00 p.m., checked in, got our wine glass, ticket, wristband and were off to try the signature Rosé special the Eberhard had. After we purchased our wine we found a comfy spot on the couch outside and were approached by one of the photographers from D-Magazine. DAY WAS MADE! My close friends know that the week of the event I was going through a lot with relationships and could barely make it out of bed and pull myself together to go to the event we had tickets for for weeks. I made it and I am so glad I did. Having my photo…as superficial as it sounds… boosted my energy levels that day. Check out the photos from the whole event here: https://www.dmagazine.com/nightlife/2017/06/scenes-from-rose-wine-walk-on-henderson/

2nd Bar High Fives

Outside of High Fives they had the cutest balloon displays and the an adorable signature carbonated wine cooler. It was so unique to see how each location created their own drink, scenery and props to celebrate the wine walk. If you can’t tell by this point with the crowds of people and walking in 100 degree Texas heat that we were sweating our butts off. After another drink we didn’t notice though. We stayed at High Fives long enough to finish our drink and were off to the next stop.

Told you the drink was cute!

3rd Location Barcadia Dallas

Sadly, I don’t have any photos here from Barcadia but it was legit an adult arcade/bar. Their signature drink they served for the wine walk was a Rosé and lemonade mix. Super refreshing and easy to put down in the heat we were in. By the time we were done with our third stop and drink we realized we were STARVING! Time to find food and air conditioning at the next stop.

4th Wine Binge at Henderson Tap House

Blessed for Henderson Tap House and their menu. We all ordered the yummiest pizza and appetizers but not any Rosé. I know I know….at a wine walk and we skipped the wine at this spot. The table next to us had a giant fish bowl and it looked delicious so we went with that! Unfortunately, we hung out here drinking and eating so long that we missed the next stop and headed back to the Eberhard for the after party, where we got our free glass of Rosé and where all the dancing would begin.


After Party at The Eberhard

Well guys the after party was huge!!!!!! There was a DJ and we were elbow to elbow in moving room that’s how packed it was! It was a BLAST!!! We stayed here for most of the night dancing, drinking wine, cocktails and enjoying being young. The whole day made me realize how important these babes are in my life and how we need to get out of our comfort zones a lot more. I’m not even a huge wine drinker and I loved it all. Thankful for my mom for coming and enjoying it all as well and putting up with us crazy girls. The experience, memories and embarrassing things we did I will cherish forever. Can’t wait to see what else my girls and I do this summer. Stay tuned for more summer adventures. Oh, and relax with a glass of wine tonight. You deserve it!!





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