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Hey y’all and happy Wednesday and hope you are falling for these brown boots like I am! How is everyones week going so far? It is crazy rainy here in Norman, OK and I am so ready for spring break and warmer weather. School got cancelled for the past two days because legit the rain turned to ice in minutes and we are living in an igloo the next two days. IT’S SO COLD GUYS!! But at least I get to break out my warmer clothes some more and my new brown boots. I threw on my olive jacket I posted about earlier this month for extra warmth. Check it out on the Shop My Instagram tab.

The Outfit Details

There’s just something about me and brown! It’s my favorite to dress up because I just LOVE gold and rose gold accessories with it. This outfit was so easy to dress and throw on, especially since the sweater was cropped and the boots knee high. It added a little flare. I received these boots for Christmas from my mom and man did she hit the jackpot. They are the perfect height where I can wear them all day with no pain. Yeah yeah yeah beauty is pain but your whole attitude changes if your feet hurt all day. Am I right?

This sweater I snagged at the express 50% off sale so I couldn’t find the exact one online but there are some super cute options below that I am considering buying too! Also, the boots are sold out too! I know I know I told you she hit the jackpot BUT seriously the first pair below are identical to mine!! Happy Shopping babes and don’t forget that National Margarita Day is this Thursday February 22nd. Got any big plans to celebrate the wacky holiday?


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Literally, pink is my attitude. If I could have everything pink I would. Anyways, it is raining all week here in Oklahoma and I am so excited about it! Is that weird? Maybe. But rain means I get to break out my Hunter Rain Boots that I LOVE! They are so shiny and pink pink pink. I paired them with my black ripped skinnies, a striped long sleeve shirt and casual black vest. BUT, I also had to add some more pops of pink with my favorite new Rebecca Minkoff purse. What is your rainy day necessity? Which rain boots are your favorite? I’d love to hear! I hope everyone has a amazing and quick Monday and if you’re in Oklahoma stay dry babes!

Comment below and lets chat. I’d love to hear about what your favorite thing to do on a rainy day is.

PINK BOOTS: To shop them click the red ones below and then you will be directed to Hunter Boots website and able to click the color bright pink. Happy Shopping!


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8 Fears I’m Trying To Overcome This Year

We all have those worries and anxieties that lie in the pit of our stomach. Those fears of rejection, disapproval, and disappointment that we carry around, for some on the daily and some that appear during given the appropriate situation. This year I am trying to overcome my 8 top fears that have built up inside of me in 2017. 2017 was the roughest year of my life. I fell…and I fell hard. I crashed and burned and didn’t know if I could come out of the dark hole I crawled into.

This year I am dropping these fears and coming out with flying colors. It won’t be easy but I have God, my family and friends by my side. Everyone is going through something. It’s time for us all to be there building each other up instead of breaking one another down. Don’t be shy or scared to voice your fears. We all have them and here’s mine…

1. Not being worthy of love.

Is it weird I feel like nobody should love me….when I was the one who was hurt, not the one who did the hurting? 2017 was a heartbreak kinda year. I experienced my first real heartbreak and I am stuck in this slump of not being worthy of anyone’s love. I feel as if I am waiting for things to fail and entering situations knowing that the words spoken to me are all lies. When they aren’t. It’s a horrible flaw I have picked up after my heartbreak and struggles. I will overcome this and not face life as if I don’t deserve it or don’t deserve the support and love given to me. I know I am worthy of love and have so much to offer. Letting someone back is a struggle but I deserve it.

2. Cut out the cynicism. 

I have been walking around these past 6 months with a cynical attitude. Cynical about others love, life and how nobody has hurt them so deep that getting out of bed in the morning feels like the biggest struggle in the world. Like I said before, you never know the demons people are facing and what we are all going through. Adding negativity and facing situation with a negative attitude will burn bridges with loved ones. Being cynical about love and relationships will only bring me down. I will overcome this. 

3. Competing/Comparing myself to others.

When things go wrong in life I tend to compare myself to others. I wonder why they are doing so well when I am breaking. I am unique, loved, cherished and will mess up in life. This doesn’t mean that I am lesser of a person than anyone else. We all have our own journey and paths that aren’t the same. That’s why each of ours are unique. Not one persons story triumphs mine. I need to realize I am a unique person alone.

4. Social Anxiety.

I’m prone to becoming a hermit in times of sorrow and anticipation. I close myself off to society in fear I will run into that friend that never worked out, that ex that broke my heart or someone looking to put me down just to make their day better. Living life in a shell can only hurt me. God would want me to grow and live life as if nothing can hurt me… because nothing can when he is by my side.

5. Accepting Change.

Things are changing faster than ever before in my life. My mother is in a new relationship, my family is all under one roof and I am graduating in 4 months. I also have to find a job after graduation and I’m making new friends and relationships that require my trust, love and support. I’m opening my life up to so many people and experiences that it makes me very anxious of what could happen. But this is life. It’s constantly changing and we have to evolve.

6. Letting People In.

I’ve been broken, hurt and I’ve let people walk all over me. I know what it feels like to give someone all of you, your heart and soul and have them shatter it and never look back to apologize. I know what it’s like to leave a friendship or relationship with noting but emptiness and sorrow. This left me with severe trust issues. I build up walls so people can’t hurt me, but this holds me back from forming lasting relationships in the end. Not everyone is going to hurt you. There are gems out there and you have to open up to find them. I am going to overcome this.

7. Forgiving.

I am worried that if I forgive then they will forget that they hurt me. How they shattered my spirit. What if they do it again? I’m worried I will forget how they hurt me and I let them do it again also. I want to forgive with no limitations, boundaries or rules. I need to move on from the past and learn that forgiveness doesn’t mean we first get an apology. Some people have to much pride to provide an apology to you. Forgiveness is apart of life and God wants us to forgive.

8. Hiding myself from God.

These past 6 months I have quit reading the Bible. It opened up wounds that I shut off and couldn’t deal with at the time. I am worried that God will find me weak, scared and broken. I’m worried God will see through my walls and smile and realize I am in need of his love more than he could ever know. Unfortunately, this is what needs to happen. I need to open my life back up to Him. He is the one who has never let me down and is always by my side. He is the one I am living my life for. I will reconnect with Him.


So whoever’s reading… it’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to be open about your fears. We are all human and we all can help each other. Have a blessed week friends. Know I love you! Feel free to comment about what fears you’re overcoming this year and lets talk!

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Bella Louise is the cutest photo bomb


Hi Hi and Happy Monday! If any of you follow along with my personal Instagram {@heather_22nicole}, then you know I recently started a new job as the Social Media and Event Planning Intern at my favorite boutique here in Norman, OK; Stella Rae’s. I have been an avid follower and shopper of theirs ever since I began my journey at OU. Now I am getting a feel for the ins and outs of the fashion business and everything it captivates. I am super swamped, excited, and anxious about what’s to come from this new path but so far I am LOVING the job and the people I work with. Fingers crossed I start becoming a morning person though because day 1 I was chugging this coffee and so sleepy. This was my “1st Day of Work” outfit and it was so cozy. I paired this express sweater with some simple jeans, booties from Nordstrom’s and was off to my first job in a long time that I was ecstatic about. This top has hole and rip accents to add a little extra flare as well.

Stay Tuned…

I will for sure post a blog about what my job entails and how it’s going once I get a little more into it. Lets just hope I don’t spend all of my paychecks at my work. If you haven’t check out Stella Rae’s yet then you are missing out. They have free shipping on all orders and if you follow them on Instagram {@shopstellaraes} they do weekly giveaways and my favorite thing $20 Tuesday! Yes, they actually posts tons of items that are only $20… what a steal. Have fun shopping my cute and cozy outfit below. Also check out the Shop My Instagram tab up top.

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