Now this is more my speed!

Hostel in Sorrento!

Sorrento and Capri were by far one of my favorite places that I visited while in Italy. I am biased though and love anything that has to do with water and the sea. When I was little I was convinced I was a mermaid so it makes sense that I feel most at peace when near water. We checked into our hotel around 5:00 pm on June 5th in Sorrento. This hostel was very nice and colorful on this giant hill called Ulisse Deluxe Hostel, but once again four of us were crammed into the tiniest room. Way smaller than Rome. All four of our beds were touching. The shower was also very strange. It did not have a shower curtain but a shower door, but that wasn’t the strange part. The odd part was it was half a shower door so your nice hot shower you stayed cold because half was open at all times. Hello creepy!!

First meal in Sorrento
One of the fluffy bunnies in the garden!

Once we checked in we were free to grab dinner. We ate in this adorable Alice and Wonderland garden. They had bunny rabbits grazing all over and you could pet and play with them while you ate your delicious pizza. While we were in Sorrento we didn’t have any tours planned, which confused me. My professor told us the next day we just needed our swimsuits and a smile because we were in store for a relaxing treat!



I had no idea the fun the day next would bring. We left our hostel in our bathing suits, cover-ups and money ready to spend and headed to the island of Capri around 8:30 a.m. Of course we walked to the ferry to pick up our tickets but only a picture can do it justice of the amount of steps we had to walk down to reach the ferry’s. Yeah there was a lot and trust me going up them was not fun.

The never ending steps we had to climb down to reach the ferry!

Once we reached the end of the steps we hoped on a ferry that took us to our water taxi cabs where we were transported to Capri. The taxis fit about 6 people and my groups was awesome because it had a nice cushioned space to lay out. We went around the whole island of Capri and went through the Blue Grotto, saw orange and purple coral and even got to jump in the Gulf of Naples and swim. It was a dream come true! The water was beautiful and so blue!  I felt like an actual mermaid, I was so happy. I highly reccommend a tour around the island in the water. By far the most relaxing part of my adventure. Prepare for the flood of photos babes!


Waiting for our water taxi in Sorrento

In the cave where we saw purple and orange coral!
Orange Coral!



Alpha Phi sisters take on Capri!

And just like that… we jumped!

The Real Adventure…

Once our water taxis dropped us off in Capri we were on our own for five hours to be tourists and explore Capri. Did we know we would be alone fending for ourselves? Nope! Our Professor legit dropped us off and said, “Okay find your way back to the water taxis by 5! Bye!” Scary but manageable. Capri is famous for its lemons. They grow them right there on the island so there were tons of lemon slushes, spritzers and drinks that you have to try! I got a lemon gelato and it tasted just like the lemonhead candy.

My lemon gelato

 Our group also ate at this yummy restaurant right where we got off the water taxis. It was higher up on the cliff and the view was to die for!

View from our balcony lunch

I got a seafood angel haired pasta and it was so fresh! I went out of my comfort zone with the mussels and was so glad I did.

After lunch we split up and went souvenir shopping and found our way to the other side of the island, where our ferry would pick us up at 5:00 pm and take us back to Sorrento. Capri doesn’t really have any historical sites. It is a lavish place for relaxation and to enjoy the Gulf of Naples. I recommend staying in Sorrento and taking a day trip to Capri, because there is more to do in Sorrento. But either way you have to take a water taxi! I could have stayed on it all day long.

Waiting for our ferry back to Sorrento!
Shrimp Risotto!

After we got back to our hostel time caught up with everybody and we passed out. We had to be up early to depart for our next destination.

Lessons Learned

1. I was meant to live by the sea.

2. Capri and Sorrento are my favorite places in the world.

3. Being stranded in Rome is scary but not in Capri.

4. The people who live in Capri are absolutely fabulous!

5. Branching out with different seafood isn’t as scary as I thought.

6. Taking risks and finding adventures everywhere is what is truly exciting in life.

D-Magazine photo


Sometimes you just need your girls and a whole day of letting loose. What better way to do this than attending the first Rosé Wine Walk that happened a few weeks ago in Dallas. I noticed the event going on through Facebook to celebrate national Rosé day and knew this was the perfect way to get me out of my funk and make lasting memories with my favorites!

Rosé Wine Walk on Henderson Ave

Hosted by Stay Social Dallas & Dallassites101

On June 10th my girls, mom and I hopped in my car and were off to the first annual wine walk. Our $15 tickets included a free wine glass, 1 free glass of Jolie Folle Rosé, photo booth ops and $5 rosé specials at each participating venue. We were worried to wear wedges because we thought it was going to be a lot more walking, but luckily it was just moving from one venue to the next all along Henderson Ave.


1st Stop The Eberhard

The wine glass I got to keep and use all day!

Personally, I had never been to the Eberhard so I had no idea how fancy and classy it was. There was gorgeous chandeliers and comfy outside seating. We arrived around 1:00 p.m., checked in, got our wine glass, ticket, wristband and were off to try the signature Rosé special the Eberhard had. After we purchased our wine we found a comfy spot on the couch outside and were approached by one of the photographers from D-Magazine. DAY WAS MADE! My close friends know that the week of the event I was going through a lot with relationships and could barely make it out of bed and pull myself together to go to the event we had tickets for for weeks. I made it and I am so glad I did. Having my photo…as superficial as it sounds… boosted my energy levels that day. Check out the photos from the whole event here:

2nd Bar High Fives

Outside of High Fives they had the cutest balloon displays and the an adorable signature carbonated wine cooler. It was so unique to see how each location created their own drink, scenery and props to celebrate the wine walk. If you can’t tell by this point with the crowds of people and walking in 100 degree Texas heat that we were sweating our butts off. After another drink we didn’t notice though. We stayed at High Fives long enough to finish our drink and were off to the next stop.

Told you the drink was cute!

3rd Location Barcadia Dallas

Sadly, I don’t have any photos here from Barcadia but it was legit an adult arcade/bar. Their signature drink they served for the wine walk was a Rosé and lemonade mix. Super refreshing and easy to put down in the heat we were in. By the time we were done with our third stop and drink we realized we were STARVING! Time to find food and air conditioning at the next stop.

4th Wine Binge at Henderson Tap House

Blessed for Henderson Tap House and their menu. We all ordered the yummiest pizza and appetizers but not any Rosé. I know I know….at a wine walk and we skipped the wine at this spot. The table next to us had a giant fish bowl and it looked delicious so we went with that! Unfortunately, we hung out here drinking and eating so long that we missed the next stop and headed back to the Eberhard for the after party, where we got our free glass of Rosé and where all the dancing would begin.


After Party at The Eberhard

Well guys the after party was huge!!!!!! There was a DJ and we were elbow to elbow in moving room that’s how packed it was! It was a BLAST!!! We stayed here for most of the night dancing, drinking wine, cocktails and enjoying being young. The whole day made me realize how important these babes are in my life and how we need to get out of our comfort zones a lot more. I’m not even a huge wine drinker and I loved it all. Thankful for my mom for coming and enjoying it all as well and putting up with us crazy girls. The experience, memories and embarrassing things we did I will cherish forever. Can’t wait to see what else my girls and I do this summer. Stay tuned for more summer adventures. Oh, and relax with a glass of wine tonight. You deserve it!!





Shop My Look

One of the wealthier individuals restored gardens
Inside the pyramid was ancient artifacts from Pompeii.
Casts and artifacts uncovered from the ruins.


After our fast paced touring of Rome, we were off at 8:00 a.m. June 5th by bus for Pompeii. On a side note, this bus was the most comfortable transportation we had the whole trip. It was first class compared to what was to come. By the time we reached Pompeii I knew I picked the wrong shoes to pack. My converse were not comfortable enough to take on the unsettling pavement of Rome and Pompeii.  My knee was so swollen that I toured Pompeii limping. Not my finest moment! I actually had very high expectations for Pompeii being the travel and documentary junkie that I am! I think I figured we would see casts of bodies and emotional statues as awful as it is to say. Unfortunately, all of this is in museums and stored away for safekeeping. What’s left is the ancient remains and history that was more than enough honestly. I was still intrigued with everything Pompeii had to offer. I mean I was in Europe! Can you really complain about anything?

The view from our bus window on the way to Pompeii.
My freshly squeezed orange slush and sandwich.


Pompeii was actually a town built around strength and the gladiators. It was very sexual come to find out. We were confused why the gift shops has penis statues to purchase… until touring and finding out how many whore houses there were. I know I am being vulgar but this is the raw history I learned. 

The concrete bed inside the whore house. Even the pillow was made out of concrete.
Some of the “unique” gifts offered at the outdoor market shops.

Public Baths

There was a lot of dirt and disease for they had public baths. There was hot baths and cold baths. The hot baths were heated by fire that allowed hot water to flow through canals into the baths. My professor explained to us that these hot baths would harbor tons of bacteria and dirt and make people sick. It would be so hot outside and inside the bath so there was no way to clean or allow the water to escape and flow out.

Where the hot water for the baths would flow in. Yes that green stuff is bacteria.
Where the people about to use the cold and hot baths would change and put their clothes. There were usually servants in here that helped the people de-robe and store their clothes in the cubes above.
Another view of the baths.

Paving The Way

When walking through the streets and ruins of Pompeii there are giant stones. It is not a flat road at all. They had to have giant stones you could walk on because there sewage flowed in the street. If you couldn’t walk on high stones then you were walking in your own draining feces. Pompeii was not as glamorous as I imagined. It was also extremely hot and seemed to go on forever. Although the town of Pompeii was very interesting in how it was built and you could tell whose house was an individual who had a higher social status compared to lower class individuals.

One of the arenas.
The arena where the Gladiators competed and everyone watched.


We also got to see where the gladiators would work out and train. On the bus and from the city of Pompeii you can see the volcano that erupted and wiped out the city. It was enormous! 

Where the gladiators trained

Next Stop…

We didn’t stay the night in Pompeii, just a day trip before hoping back on the bus and heading to our overnight destination. I will never understand why my professor chose to book us on the day where Pompeii was free and open to the public because we were there with 20,000 other people. It was very crowded. There is a row of vendors and souvenirs outside the entrance of Pompeii, which was neat. My friend that I made on the trip, McKenzie, bought custom-made flips flops that were cute and unique. I made a point to grab a post card and a snow globe, because I collect snow globes from everywhere I go and the post card collection was something I started when I got to Europe.

Overall, Pompeii is ancient and historical just like I saw from the documentaries I watched years ago. Nothing compares to actually visiting the ruins.


“Abroad Adventures & Lessons Learned” Series continues next Monday. What did I learn from Pompeii?

Lessons Learned

1. Converse are not as comfy as tennis shoes.

2. Pompeii in June is scorching hot.

3. Most of the artifacts are stored in museums from Pompeii.

4. Walking the streets of Pompeii was tricky but interesting.

5. Pompeii was not sanitary back then.

Stay tuned for where we end up next Monday! Love you all:)

Destination No.1 ~ Roma

The “Abroad Adventures and Lessons Learned” series has officially kicked off with our first stop being Rome, Italy.

What is sleep?

First off, the plane ride from DFW to Rome was 10 hours and if anyone knows me, they know I am the world’s lightest sleeper, which means I didn’t sleep on that plane ride. Basically, I had been awake for about 26 hours straight and with the 7-hour time difference I was exhausted when the journey began. I thought when we all got to Rome we would spend a day resting and relaxing and that was not the case. We managed to find a Taxi to take us to our hotel and we began touring around with the teachers. Day 1 consisted of me still wearing my flight clothes, barely keeping my eyes open and trying to function while the teachers guided us around. I clearly looked exhausted and unrecognizable because my teacher introduced himself to me again the second day and I had to nicely reply, “Oh no I was here yesterday just I actually showered today and got some sleep.” Needless to say, it was mortifying. I guess showering and sleep does make a difference.

Our hostel where four of us slept.
View from our hostel window.

That night we really became acquainted with European air conditioning…it doesn’t exist. We had to sleep with the windows open and thank goodness I brought my trusty ear plugs because Italians party all night and the street sounded like a parade was going on. Day 1 finished with a welcome dinner and a bright and early wake-up time of 6:30 a.m.

The Beginning of it all

Day 2 started at 6:30 a.m. sharp and I was quickly reminded of how I am not a morning person. Our teacher instructed us the night before not to all come down for breakfast at once or they will not serve us, which was also strange. The breakfast consisted of a croissant and cake. We began our day by walking not taking a bus or taxi and visited the tourist sites. We saw pretty much everything Rome had to offer in three days when at least six was needed to embrace everything. It also became very clear on day 2 that Italians do not drive or take a bus if it is under a 30-mile walk. One girl on our trip brought her Fit Bit and on average we walked about 14 miles a day. Nobody felt bad for loading up on pasta, carbs and desserts since we practically walked it all off in one hour. Now onto the fun pictures of the sites!

The best gelato shop in Rome! Literally, the locals and Google will tell you this. The line usually wraps around the streets.
New friends and gelato.

The Colosseum

We visited the Roman forum and the Colosseum as well on day 2. Our teacher told us all of these fun facts and stories about each place. Apparently, there was a moving floor the Colosseum used a stage and under it was all of the cells where the prisoners and slaves were held to be fought by the gladiators. Our teacher walked us through the Roman forum explaining each rock and crevice as if we could imagine what it looked like and felt walking around 300 years ago. The history was mesmerizing. It was hard to remember how exhausted I was until we actually sat down to eat. You will notice in most of my pictures I have headphones connected to a little blue box around my neck. This was so I could hear my teacher talking from a far distance. He had a microphone he talked into so he didn’t have to yell at all 40 of us passing through other tourists. The Colosseum has a lot of history to offer. The rows of seating were based on your societal status. The wealthy, rich leaders sat on the lower level and then the very top was for the average citizen.

The Colosseum. Fun Fact: if you go with a large group or tourist you get to skip the long lines!
You can see they took most of the floor off to see the under and above. Underneath is the cells prisoners were and on top is where they would fight.
The Roman forum.
The Colosseum and there’s my cute little blue box!
The whole Journey to Italy group. HORNS DOWN! BOOMER!

The Pantheon

We also visited The Pantheon, which was super interesting. There is a large open dome at the top that is open year round so if it rains the architect, Apollodorus of Damascus, built drains in the floor for it to drain out. The Pantheon was said to be something where when you enter you leave the physical world. My professor offered so much insight on the structure and how the square outside and round inside symbolized that the square was the physical world and the circle was the celestial sphere or city of gods. The Pantheon was built for man to dictate his own destiny, which was later lost until the Renaissance period. The dome is perfectly 43 meters across and the largest dome in the whole wide world. The marble columns on the outside were also imported from Greece. Fun fact: one of the columns fell into the sea and was never retrieved when shipping them to Rome by boat. Treasure hunt anyone? Did you now Raphael the famous Italian painter is also buried here? Don’t worry I got a picture of his tomb!

Raphael’s Tomb.
The Pantheon.
Captured from inside the Pantheon.
The dome.

Vatican City

The next day we visited the Vatican Museum and my pictures do not do it justice. It is absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous. All of the mosaics and frescos on the walls and ceilings were incredible and filled with so many fine details. We were inside the Vatican for over 5 hours and I did not wear the right shoes at all. Trying to look cute in Europe is pointless unless you can rock tennis shoes with every outfit. I actually I had a swollen knee the entire next day from wearing flip flops. Inside the Vatican is the Sistine Chapel that I could not take a picture of but it’s beautiful. It is a chapel that depicts the Life of Christ. We mainly spent a lot of our time learning about the paintings and which era they were from. If you ever have a chance to visit the Vatican and tour Vatican City make sure you set a whole day aside for this and get an awesome tour guide. Also, Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world. Yes, one step in and you’re in a new state! 

St. Peter’s Basilica inside the Vatican.
Professor teaching about the art inside the Vatican.
The view from the top of Castel Sant’Angelo. You can see Vatican City!
St. Peter’s Basilica. It is HUGE! At the end is the chair the Pope would sit in.

Sadly, the Spanish Steps were under construction so we missed out on those. We toured all over Rome in just three short days. We saw even more places than I highlighted such as the Piazza Navona, Galleria Borghese and Via Veneto. I was thrown into a culture in three short days that I would eventually fall in love with forever. I also had to realize wifi is rare, cell service doesn’t exist and I missed my mom and friends a lot.

Rome Nightlife

The nightlife was also so exciting! We tried to visit more Italian bars and venues to immerse ourselves in the culture. They had this really cool Ice Club that was the talk of the town and of course we all went. Wearing shorts and flip-flops was not the smartest idea though; even with the large poncho they give you. We lasted about 20 minutes before turning into icicles!

Our drinks were in frozen cups!

The girls take on the Roma night life!
Yes….I look exhausted.

But really I know you all are dying to see a few highlights of what I ate in Rome. The food was incredible and so fresh. The picture in the slideshow proves how fresh everything was at this little sandwich shop that had everything displayed that they were putting on your food.

Lessons Learned from Destination No.1

  1. Cell service will not work probably anywhere but at a wifi spot and your room.
  2. Air conditioning is rare… even in food places.
  3. Vatican City needs to be toured in the comfiest outfit and shoes ever!
  4. June is beautiful in Rome.
  5. Take a photo of everything and notes about what you learned.
  6. Try something new to eat.
  7. Splitting the check isn’t a thing in Europe so find a group and take turns paying.
  8. You will drink wine sun up to sun down and be okay because the wine is cheaper than water.
  9. Granola bars need to be your best friend for mornings.
  10. Rome is filled with tourists.


See you all next Monday for our next destination!!!!!!! Lots of love!

Soo Ae New York Review

Hello gorgeous people! I hope you have entered the giveaway and are anxiously waiting for the results on June 23rd. If you haven’t entered yet, head to @the_wanderlustlife and click the photo that says giveaway. These masks I am reviewing are their new ones and not able to purchase yet, so I hope you win and can gab them first. I will also post the rules again at the end of this post. Any who, I am officially reviewing the face masks that y’all have been given the chance to win. I’m going to tell you guys my first impression and of course, what I  think about the mask itself. Let’s get reviewing babes!

Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask

Donkey Milk? Nope. Not going on my face. Yep that was my first impression. Boy was I wrong. This mask smelled very florally and exceeded my expectations, because come on now. The name alone was terrifying. This mask is a sheet mask and designed to nourish the skin and increase hydration. I have a problem with my t-zone being dry on my face due to my makeup so this hydrated my skin extremely.  This also increases elasticity on your face to make you look youthful and refreshed.

Ending Impression: I would purchase this sheet mask agin because I saw results and it’s affordable. Also, it’s a sheet mask and I may have an obsession with them because it doesn’t get my hands all slimy. 

Charcoal Clay Bubble Mask

YES, BUBBLE! I was concerned on how this mask would “bubble” since it came out like clay. After 2 minutes on my face the whole thing foamed up and I actually looked like a soap bubble. It looked like a shampooed face to be honest. Kinda freaky. This mask was designed to minimize the size of your pores. I think I saw a decrease in my pores, but it didn’t last through the night. This would be ideal to put on right before your makeup and not the night before.

Ending Impression: I would purchase again just because it was so cool to see the whole thing bubble up. Yes I’m a bit of a child I know. It really changes before your eyes. 

Acai Berry Revitalizing Sleeping Mask

So I was hesitant to try the sleeping masks since you wear them over night. It was concerning to put something on my face all night since I’m prone to breaking out and I didn’t want to get my pillow all dirty. This mask is designed to revitalize your tired face and nourish your skin to have a glow in the morning. The mask was a thicker gel that smoothed over the face nicely and had an amazing smell. After wearing it all night my skin honestly looked refreshed and my tired eyes were minimized.

Ending Impression: I would purchase again! It was simple to throw on and go to sleep. Just be sure to wash it off in the morning. 

Purifying Brightening Peeling Gel

This is exactly what the name is. A gel that peels off and takes away the dead skin. Think of this almost as like a smoother exfoliator. It was refreshing and felt like I had just shed a layer of seriously unwanted dry skin.

Ending Impression: The gel does what it says it will so yes for sure will be purchasing again.

Donkey Milk Sleeping Mask

Once again that word donkey milk is here again. This is suppose to hydrate and restore your skin as well and you sleep with it on. The application was a thick white mix between a cream and lotion that I wore overnight. My skin the next morning felt like butter. It was heaven.

Ending Impression: Would DEF purchase again. It was so smooth and made my skin so soft. 


Overall, I would purchase all of the masks again. They are so affordable and I love taking 20 minutes out of the busy day to pamper myself without spending an arm and a leg! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on my Instagram. You have until the 22nd of June. Good luck. Shop a few of the masks below and enter to win the masks I reviewed above!


I hope you all have enjoyed this review and have lost hesitations about entering the giveaway! Even though, why would you hesitate, it’s a chance to win a free mask set. HECK YES! I can’t wait to hear what you all think about these affordable masks and how they have benefited your skin.

Giveaway Entry Rules

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2. Tag a friend who you would like to share this sheet mask on the comment section with the hashtag #ShareSooAe! (ex. I would like to #sharesooae with _____)

3. For more info on the new masks, check out @sooae.official and see the latest posts!

The Gift: Soo Ae Mask Set (4 new sheet mask set- PLUS Walmart best-selling Black Charcoal Mask)


This giveaway is open to USA only.

Giveaway will be held from June 1st-June 22nd.

WINNERS will be announced on June 23rd.

Popular Soo Ae Masks

Who else has been counting down the days for school to be over and lounging by the pool? {everyone raises hands} Honestly, I thought we would never make it guys. I am obsessing over these poolside must-haves I have created for y’all. Please Please let me know if you find something similar for cheaper also. I’m down to pay the price for quality goods, but sometimes a bargain is always nice to. Any who, this is the list I have complied for you guys to look stunning trying to get your beautiful bronzed skin at the pool, beach or lake! Indulge ladies and let’s shop till’ we drop.

Ray Ban Sunglasses $175

I received my first pair of Ray Bans last year for my 21st birthday and they are my go to glasses when I’m cruising around town or at the pool. But if you’re at the beach I might pick an old cheap pair of sunglasses because we all know the waves have gotten the best of our glasses and swimsuits before 😉 You know what I mean ladies… that big wave has knocked us all on our ass and revealed our goods before.

Express Swim Top $21 & MC2 Saint Barth Swim Top $35

If you haven’t gotten your summer swimsuit yet that you’re going to wear to pieces then you’re in luck. ALL SWIMSUITS EVERYWHERE are mostly half off by now. That’s just how shopping goes gals. They are practically preparing for winter, the retail stores, because I guess you buy summer clothes in the winter and winter in the summer. Who knows? But check out these cute suits on sale!

Gilt Round Beach Towel $25

This is the cheapest and cutest round beach towel I have found thus far. I am so into the round beach towel trend, but still not sure how it works when laying out on the lawn chairs? Either way you will for sure get some double takes from girls “ohhing and awwing” over your bright purple beach towel from Gilt!

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil $11

Girl I love me some dark tanning oil! The minute I put it on I can feel my skin baking and getting bronzed. {My dermatologist act like I didn’t write this..I promise I have sunscreen on somewhere} This tanning oil is smooth and doesn’t feel like you have caked on a layer of olive oil like some others.

Swell Bottle $25

Once again, I got introduced to Swell bottles this year and it’s all I drink out of. Hydrate or die when laying out am I right? Check out their cool summer styles on their website also!

Urban Outfitters Float $48

We all know the pool floats are for killer photo props, so why not embrace your inner mermaid with this giant shell float! You’ll be sure to get a bomb Instagram pic too!

Kate Spade Beach Tote $75

Ugh guys she makes beach totes too! Kat Spade has my heart and now I am swooning over this gorgeous hot pink beach tote. LOVE LOVE LOVE LADIES!

Alaia Coverup $142

This is ridiculously expensive for a coverup and I’m sure you can find it cheaper somewhere else, but I just had to add it. It’s so cute and screams what’s in style right now with the hot pink tassels coming off the back. I picture a cute photo shoot next to an infinity pool with this coverup.

That’s all she wrote ladies! Shop the Look below. Hope you have enjoyed my Poolside Must-Haves/Wish list. Let me know if you find anything similar or are loving for the pool too. Don’t forget to follow {@the_wanderlustlife} on Instagram! See y’all soon!

Poolside Must-Haves

Tuesday Pick Me Up

We made it through the Monday blues and now we are all ready to conquer Tuesday! BUT, there’s nothing wrong with having a little Tuesday pick me up right?  I’ve been in love with this Jessica Simpson Tinnay Sandal and finally took the plunge and bought them. I am so excited to style them later this weekend and show you all how this sandal is a summer must for your wardrobe. I purchased these at DSW and they are under $70. They also come in black if this isn’t your color. Or if you just want both colors! Shop them below. Talk to you later loves!

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I have been waiting for this face mask giveaway since I was contacted by Soo Ae New York a month ago and it’s finally here!!!!!!! I cannot wait for you all to enter the giveaway for a chance to win some skin renewing face masks from one of my favorite face mask brands.Yes that’s plural. MASKS! It’s more than one mask if you win. I would also like to add that this is not a sponsored post and I am not receiving any commission off this giveaway. Soo Ae New York was nice enough to reach out to me and offer this amazing giveaway for my lovely followers/subscribers. I am officially a Soo Ae influencer because I love the affordable brand but that’s it. Just a title guys.

Okay I get it Heather stop ranting now how do I enter?

Giveaway Entry Rules

1. Follow {@the_wanderlustlife} & {@sooae.official} on Instagram

2. Tag a friend who you would like to share this sheet mask on the comment section with the hashtag #ShareSooAe! (ex. I would like to #sharesooae with _____)

3. For more info on the new masks, check out @sooae.official and see the latest posts!

The Gift: Soo Ae Mask Set (4 new sheet mask set- PLUS Walmart best-selling Black Charcoal Mask)


This giveaway is open to USA only.

Giveaway will be held from June 1st-June 22nd.

WINNERS will be announced on June 23rd.

I will be doing a full review on the face masks that were sent to me tomorrow for you all to get a better idea on which ones may be coming your way. Have fun entering and patiently waiting my loves.

Hello hello my loves! Oh how I’ve missed you BEAUTIFUL people. If you haven’t noticed The Wanderlust Life kind of took a time out from the world lately. I was not active on my blog, nor my Instagram, for quite some time now but I’M BACK BABES!! What better way to come back to you all than with a whole new website and in a couple days a giveaway. YUP! You heard it first a giveaway is coming for you loves.

What on earth have I been doing…

So here’s a short recap on why I went MIA and what challenges I was facing. Life overcame me with finals, my grandmother got sick and any free time I had I was trying to take a nap just to keep my sanity. The last two months of school were absolutely crazy and I was legit drowning in school work, projects and campaigns for my public relations classes. I had no free time. It was very stressful. I couldn’t even come home directly after finals because I slept for three days. BUT, I am back and ready to blog about my life, fashion, beauty tricks and products and as always Miss Bella Louise.

The New and Improved Website

I also have been so MIA because I have been working day and night on this new website that embodies everything I love. If you can’t tell that my favorite color is pink. This website is something I have been thinking about doing to take the next big step into the blogging world and I finally jumped out of my comfort zone and went for it. Why did no one tell me WordPress had to do with so much coding? I can’t even tell you how long it took me to get familiar with just the basics before customizing and inserting my content. Fun fact, my 10-year-old cousin had to help me. So embarrassing but hey it was necessary. Let me know what you guys think about the new website! I am thrilled to be back engaging and networking with my beautiful followers and blogger babes to take on the world one post at a time. Now what’s to come these next couple months from The Wanderlust Life you might ask?

What To Expect

  • Soo AE Face Mask Giveaway on June 1st
  • Collaborations with some gorgeous girls
  • A New Fashion Section
  • Makeup and Beauty Hacks, Tips and Tricks as well as hauls

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P:S: I had to add this adorable video of my sweet grandmother, two cousins and aunt sitting on the porch waiting for me to pull up and be home for the summer. My cup runneth over for sure!

The best wines are the ones we drink with friends

GNO… more like GAO; a Girls Afternoon Out! 10/10 recommend grabbing your girls and going to an afternoon wine tasting. Just make sure to eat a heavier lunch or you will be all giggles and flushed faces at 2:00 p.m. like we were. My girlfriends and I purchased a Groupon back in December for a wine tasting and have been putting it off for months, until this past Saturday. All four of our schedules finally collided and 2:00 p.m. became an idea turned day date! Let the buzz and experience begin.

Put A Cork In It

My new fav saying or the OKC Bricktown winery?
The winery we went to was “Put A Cork In It Winery” in Bricktown in Oklahoma City. Upon arrival we were a little hesitant to attend the tasting at 2:00 in the afternoon. I actually called and asked if they would serve us before 5:00 p.m. Then again, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. But clearly half of Oklahoma had the same mentality. This place was packed! We were lucky enough to find a table at the bar and we let the experience take flight.

The cutest server introduced herself to us wearing leggings, a jean button up and red bandana in her hair. She looked like she lives the calmest life and paints on the side. I was just waiting for her to express how she back-packed around Spain then again this tasting was all about us girls. Our server gave us each a small wine tasting glass with their logo on it, that we got too keep afterwards, and a piece of paper that listed the 12 wines in store for us. Each was separated by white, red and sweet red and a pen was provided for us to take notes. Of course our notes consisted of, “Yay or Nay or Gross followed with the occasional delicious.” We ended up ordering a large cheese plate as well because our afternoon salad did not absorb any wine and to be honest I wouldn’t have been able to drive without it. Twelve wines whoa baby!!!!

It was the coolest, classiest day date with my girlies. The atmosphere was funny, relaxed and informational about the wine as much as introduced us to brands and aromas us college students never knew existed. I studied abroad in Italy and went on wine tours but this was exceptional. I usually am not a huge red person but I fell in love with a few sweet reds. It was ravishing to hear what aromas and tastes should be on our palette as we sipped. The conversation was always amusing with my friends and the wine allowed the secrets and gossip to overflow. We have already started searching for another wine tasting and I myself have become curious about wine and the culture even more than before. I think everyone can benefit from going outside of his or her comfort zone or being adventurous with friends. Even if you aren’t a huge wine connoisseur the experience was well worth it! Memories check. Wine tasting check. What other experience is in store for us college gals? Who knows!