Destination No.2 Pompeii

One of the wealthier individuals restored gardens
Inside the pyramid was ancient artifacts from Pompeii.
Casts and artifacts uncovered from the ruins.


After our fast paced touring of Rome, we were off at 8:00 a.m. June 5th by bus for Pompeii. On a side note, this bus was the most comfortable transportation we had the whole trip. It was first class compared to what was to come. By the time we reached Pompeii I knew I picked the wrong shoes to pack. My converse were not comfortable enough to take on the unsettling pavement of Rome and Pompeii.  My knee was so swollen that I toured Pompeii limping. Not my finest moment! I actually had very high expectations for Pompeii being the travel and documentary junkie that I am! I think I figured we would see casts of bodies and emotional statues as awful as it is to say. Unfortunately, all of this is in museums and stored away for safekeeping. What’s left is the ancient remains and history that was more than enough honestly. I was still intrigued with everything Pompeii had to offer. I mean I was in Europe! Can you really complain about anything?

The view from our bus window on the way to Pompeii.
My freshly squeezed orange slush and sandwich.


Pompeii was actually a town built around strength and the gladiators. It was very sexual come to find out. We were confused why the gift shops has penis statues to purchase… until touring and finding out how many whore houses there were. I know I am being vulgar but this is the raw history I learned. 

The concrete bed inside the whore house. Even the pillow was made out of concrete.
Some of the “unique” gifts offered at the outdoor market shops.

Public Baths

There was a lot of dirt and disease for they had public baths. There was hot baths and cold baths. The hot baths were heated by fire that allowed hot water to flow through canals into the baths. My professor explained to us that these hot baths would harbor tons of bacteria and dirt and make people sick. It would be so hot outside and inside the bath so there was no way to clean or allow the water to escape and flow out.

Where the hot water for the baths would flow in. Yes that green stuff is bacteria.
Where the people about to use the cold and hot baths would change and put their clothes. There were usually servants in here that helped the people de-robe and store their clothes in the cubes above.
Another view of the baths.

Paving The Way

When walking through the streets and ruins of Pompeii there are giant stones. It is not a flat road at all. They had to have giant stones you could walk on because there sewage flowed in the street. If you couldn’t walk on high stones then you were walking in your own draining feces. Pompeii was not as glamorous as I imagined. It was also extremely hot and seemed to go on forever. Although the town of Pompeii was very interesting in how it was built and you could tell whose house was an individual who had a higher social status compared to lower class individuals.

One of the arenas.
The arena where the Gladiators competed and everyone watched.


We also got to see where the gladiators would work out and train. On the bus and from the city of Pompeii you can see the volcano that erupted and wiped out the city. It was enormous! 

Where the gladiators trained

Next Stop…

We didn’t stay the night in Pompeii, just a day trip before hoping back on the bus and heading to our overnight destination. I will never understand why my professor chose to book us on the day where Pompeii was free and open to the public because we were there with 20,000 other people. It was very crowded. There is a row of vendors and souvenirs outside the entrance of Pompeii, which was neat. My friend that I made on the trip, McKenzie, bought custom-made flips flops that were cute and unique. I made a point to grab a post card and a snow globe, because I collect snow globes from everywhere I go and the post card collection was something I started when I got to Europe.

Overall, Pompeii is ancient and historical just like I saw from the documentaries I watched years ago. Nothing compares to actually visiting the ruins.


“Abroad Adventures & Lessons Learned” Series continues next Monday. What did I learn from Pompeii?

Lessons Learned

1. Converse are not as comfy as tennis shoes.

2. Pompeii in June is scorching hot.

3. Most of the artifacts are stored in museums from Pompeii.

4. Walking the streets of Pompeii was tricky but interesting.

5. Pompeii was not sanitary back then.

Stay tuned for where we end up next Monday! Love you all:)

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Beautiful photos, Ill add this place to my top places to visit

Thank you! I so would. Just a simple day trip would suffice!

Omg I’ve always wanted to go to Pompeii! Looks so gorgeous! Giving me major wanderlust!

RIGHT?! It was amazing. I would watch the documentary before if you don’t have a tour guide so you now what to look for and what you’re seeing.

Wow your pictures look amazing. The place looks very interesting to visit.

Thank you! It was filled with history and gruesome stories for sure.

Pompeii sounds so historically interesting!!! Can’t wait to hear about more of your adventures!!!

Thank you so much for following along! I’m thrilled to be sharing my experiences and lessons I learned along the way with you all.

Wow! This looks incredible. Definitely a wonderful adventure! I love these pics.

xx, Taylor (

Thank you! I feel like my pictures don’t do my sites justice but just wait for what’s in store!!

Haha. I was in Pompeii 11 years ago and I remember thinking it was not sanitary. lol

Honestly though. The fact that there was still bacteria stains goes to show how they lived.

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