Hello hello my loves! Oh how I’ve missed you BEAUTIFUL┬ápeople. If you haven’t noticed The Wanderlust Life kind of took a time out from the world lately. I was not active on my blog, nor my Instagram, for quite some time now but I’M BACK BABES!! What better way to come back to you all than with a whole new website and in a couple days a giveaway. YUP! You heard it first a giveaway is coming for you loves.

What on earth have I been doing…

So here’s a short recap on why I went MIA and what challenges I was facing. Life overcame me with finals, my grandmother got sick and any free time I had I was trying to take a nap just to keep my sanity. The last two months of school were absolutely crazy and I was legit drowning in school work, projects and campaigns for my public relations classes. I had no free time. It was very stressful. I couldn’t even come home directly after finals because I slept for three days. BUT, I am back and ready to blog about my life, fashion, beauty tricks and products and as always Miss Bella Louise.

The New and Improved Website

I also have been so MIA because I have been working day and night on this new website that embodies everything I love. If you can’t tell that my favorite color is pink. This website is something I have been thinking about doing to take the next big step into the blogging world and I finally jumped out of my comfort zone and went for it. Why did no one tell me WordPress had to do with so much coding? I can’t even tell you how long it took me to get familiar with just the basics before customizing and inserting my content. Fun fact, my 10-year-old cousin had to help me. So embarrassing but hey it was necessary. Let me know what you guys think about the new website! I am thrilled to be back engaging and networking with my beautiful followers and blogger babes to take on the world one post at a time. Now what’s to come these next couple months from The Wanderlust Life you might ask?

What To Expect

  • Soo AE Face Mask Giveaway on June 1st
  • Collaborations with some gorgeous girls
  • A New Fashion Section
  • Makeup and Beauty Hacks, Tips and Tricks as well as hauls

LET’S ROLL!!!!!! Let the summer begin and the blogging fill your feed and heart. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram {@the_wanderlustlife} and Snapchat {headerbeader} and SUBSCRIBE!! Now go mosey around the website and tell me what you think. Love you all!

P:S: I had to add this adorable video of my sweet grandmother, two cousins and aunt sitting on the porch waiting for me to pull up and be home for the summer. My cup runneth over for sure!

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