Mahogany Teakwood


Oh, Bath and Body Works. You have my heart, most of my money and all of my love. People can be particular when it comes too smells. A certain aroma can bring back a distinct memory, evoke an emotion, bring tranquility and calm the mind, spirit and soul. A candle scent can exhibit all of this and more. Some people even light candles to mask their smelly hygiene or odor in their room but not me! Possibly my boyfriend… in fact I know he does this. I light my candles to bring tranquility and peace in my room. I even light them just to fill my room with a powerful scent that makes me feel at home. There is just something so relaxing about lighting a candle after a long day and letting it burn into the night before you go to sleep. Therefore this blog post is all about my candle obsession and how to amp up your room décor after your candle is sadly all burned out.

Happiness is scented candles

My favorite Bath and Body Works candle is Mahogany Teakwood! Once lit, it honestly smells like a muscular hunk has been walking around your room or home. It is earthy and filled with a fragrance that you picture you would smell if you were in a Twilight movie.

I prefer in my room to keep candles that are not so fruity but more candy, floral and perfume like. This is not to say that I don’t like the lemon and summer smells because trust me I do. Vanilla Bean, Peppermint Marshmallow, Flannel and Coconut are more my speed.

The seasonal candles from Bath and Body Works are always a must to keep around. I will light mySnow or Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle with no regrets in the heat of summer. I love how Bath and Body Works has amped up their candles by having tinted, colorful glass. They recently just came out with marbled candles that I must order to match my room. They always have coupons and discounts, which this college girl on a college budget LOVES. Signing up for their email list is a curse and a blessing so beware. Also, they have a candle sale twice a year where candles are only $8! I was up at the crack of dawn with all of the other grandmas snatching up my favorite scents on a Saturday with no shame! I am 21 going on 31; I realize this. Southern living really should contact me clearly. Because if my candle and home décor obsession wasn’t enough my endless crafting will for sure get me in the door. Speaking of crafting…

The Fun Is Not Over

​Why throw away your empty candles when you can use them as décor in your home, room or at work?? WELL YOU CAN!!! First step, run hot water over the leftover wax for about a minute. After the wax has softened take a spoon and scoop out the wax and toss it in the trash. After the wax is out, clean the inside of the candle with glass cleaner or any Windex. I cannot figure out how to get the leftover wick out, but trust me you don’t see it when you fill it with beads. Now for the beads, I just used any pebbles or rocks I found at Hobby Lobby that were crystallized then picked my favorite flower and there you have it. As for the lid just toss that baby in the trash. What a way too spice up your décor and it’s so cheap. Multi use candles I think yes!!!

Hope y’all have enjoyed reading about my candle obsession. Now I am going to light a candle and relax because coming back from spring break has my mind spinning.



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