My Sanctuary & Bella Louise


Hey babes! I’m Bella Louise. I like short walks, fuzzy blankets, belly scratches, putting on the charm for a bite of mom’s food and stealing everyone’s heart with my adorable personality! I am 4 lbs of pure snuggles, bark and no bite. I don’t perform for the camera (which mother despises) and at night I prefer to sleep under the covers or nose to nose on moms pillow. I of course have to sleep a minimum of 18 hours a day preferably on a fuzzy blanket or under the covers; it’s exhausting being this cute! Whoever invented that a princess needs her beauty sleep should seriously be a millionaire, because I am gorgeous. Mom spoils me by always keeping a fuzzy blanket or pillow out for me, pampering my grooming needs every 6 weeks and always putting my party dresses on when company comes over. But speaking of fuzzy blankets, I’m going to let mom take over and give y’all some details about her beautiful cloud she spent way too much time picking pillows out for aka her bed. Besides, I could use a nap right about now. Love you all and please feel free to comment about my adorableness!

XOXO Bella Louise


My Sanctuary aka My Bed

​Alright Bella its moms turn! You can go to sleep now!

My obsession for Bella could be a whole blog post in itself but I’ll stick with giving the deets on my bed selection.

Okay if anyone knows me I have made my room my sanctuary. It is where I go to wind down; find peace and tranquility and where I test all of my DIY skills. It is the room that is constantly being updated and rearranged to fulfill my new Pinterest desires. I simply am never done decorating and updating its style, but we will get to more pieces of my room in another post. This one is all about the bed!

The main focus of any room should be the bed. Bed= bae! I finally understand why my mother always asked me to make my bed. It really does make the whole room look complete, neat and like you actually have your life together. I am also a big napper…sue me, so my bed and I meet more than once a day. I mean Ernest Hemingway pretty much summed up sleep when he said, “I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”  The bed is the centerpiece of it all so of course it has to be more than fabulous. I am convinced I am an insomniac too so the comfort level is a necessity for when I am wide awake at 4 am surfing through blogs, Twitter, Instagram and making my to-do lists.  Better feel like I am on a cloud or I am not even trying to sleep. My go to Sunday includes lighting one of my many Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles (that I recently have created the empty ones into vases for a DIY) and lounging in bed snuggling with Miss Louise. Therefore, I had to find the perfect pillows, accent pillows, throw and heavy comforter. Rumor has it if you get anxious a heavy blanket calms you so I went for heavy with my comforter. I also am completely guilty for keeping my room an icebox when I sleep so heavy keeps me from the frostbite. Here’s a “Shop My Bed” bar below of where everything is from in case you’re feeling inspired and ready to shop!

P:S I tried to find most of my pillows, but I got them at HomeGooods so these pillows are just the ones I could find below!


Shop My Bed

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