Poolside Must-haves

Who else has been counting down the days for school to be over and lounging by the pool? {everyone raises hands} Honestly, I thought we would never make it guys. I am obsessing over these poolside must-haves I have created for y’all. Please Please let me know if you find something similar for cheaper also. I’m down to pay the price for quality goods, but sometimes a bargain is always nice to. Any who, this is the list I have complied for you guys to look stunning trying to get your beautiful bronzed skin at the pool, beach or lake! Indulge ladies and let’s shop till’ we drop.

Ray Ban Sunglasses $175

I received my first pair of Ray Bans last year for my 21st birthday and they are my go to glasses when I’m cruising around town or at the pool. But if you’re at the beach I might pick an old cheap pair of sunglasses because we all know the waves have gotten the best of our glasses and swimsuits before 😉 You know what I mean ladies… that big wave has knocked us all on our ass and revealed our goods before.

Express Swim Top $21 & MC2 Saint Barth Swim Top $35

If you haven’t gotten your summer swimsuit yet that you’re going to wear to pieces then you’re in luck. ALL SWIMSUITS EVERYWHERE are mostly half off by now. That’s just how shopping goes gals. They are practically preparing for winter, the retail stores, because I guess you buy summer clothes in the winter and winter in the summer. Who knows? But check out these cute suits on sale!

Gilt Round Beach Towel $25

This is the cheapest and cutest round beach towel I have found thus far. I am so into the round beach towel trend, but still not sure how it works when laying out on the lawn chairs? Either way you will for sure get some double takes from girls “ohhing and awwing” over your bright purple beach towel from Gilt!

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil $11

Girl I love me some dark tanning oil! The minute I put it on I can feel my skin baking and getting bronzed. {My dermatologist act like I didn’t write this..I promise I have sunscreen on somewhere} This tanning oil is smooth and doesn’t feel like you have caked on a layer of olive oil like some others.

Swell Bottle $25

Once again, I got introduced to Swell bottles this year and it’s all I drink out of. Hydrate or die when laying out am I right? Check out their cool summer styles on their website also!

Urban Outfitters Float $48

We all know the pool floats are for killer photo props, so why not embrace your inner mermaid with this giant shell float! You’ll be sure to get a bomb Instagram pic too!

Kate Spade Beach Tote $75

Ugh guys she makes beach totes too! Kat Spade has my heart and now I am swooning over this gorgeous hot pink beach tote. LOVE LOVE LOVE LADIES!

Alaia Coverup $142

This is ridiculously expensive for a coverup and I’m sure you can find it cheaper somewhere else, but I just had to add it. It’s so cute and screams what’s in style right now with the hot pink tassels coming off the back. I picture a cute photo shoot next to an infinity pool with this coverup.

That’s all she wrote ladies! Shop the Look below. Hope you have enjoyed my Poolside Must-Haves/Wish list. Let me know if you find anything similar or are loving for the pool too. Don’t forget to follow {@the_wanderlustlife} on Instagram! See y’all soon!

Poolside Must-Haves

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