Everyone should feel beautiful in his or her own skin with no make-up on. Sometimes you just don’t have time to run to the grocery store or class with a full face on. Either way you should feel comfortable in your own skin without caking anything on… there just might be a few tricks we use to create this flawless no make-up complexion and I have found my affordable secret. SHEET MASKS!!! It’s no secret that the celebrities have hoped on the bandwagon and you should too.
​I honestly love and despise putting on face masks. I love how I feel after using some, but then again I hate globing all of the product on my hands then rubbing my face. I feel like I leave most of the product on my hand and waste it, until I found sheet masks. I received my first one in my Ipsy bag and am in LOVE!!!!!!!!

The miracle brand, that’s affordable, easy and the most refreshing that I have found is SOO AE. Let me just go on a rant of my favorite mask by them—
The charcoal mask is absolutely to die for. The Soo Ae Charcoal mask is infused with green tea extract, green caviar extract and much more purifying ingredients. This particular sheet mask is designed to add back hydration and moisture to your skin. A lot of the make-up, primers and daily up keeps, especially for acne prone individuals because we always have a topical under our moisturizer, takes away the hydration from our face and leaves us dry and flaky in areas. This charcoal mask completely transformed my complexion! I applied the mask for 20 minutes and once I took it off my skin looked as if it were brought back to life. While wearing the mask, I instantly felt relaxed and the mask did not dry up. Most masks once absorbed into your skin are crunchy and stiff by the end but not this one! The product was absorbed but the black fiber sheet stayed soft. Now sometimes masks can transform your skin for a couple hours but this transformation and hydration lasted two days… 2 DAYS GUYS!!! I even face timed my mom and she complimented on my skin along with multiple friends. They actually thought I had powder on because my skin was so hydrated and even. I usually am in such a rush waking up in the morning and running to class followed by a long night of studying or socializing so the no make-up life Monday through Thursday is real strong. This mask, days after, made my skin look flawless, well rested and soooooo soft. I have found my secret and am sharing it with everyone!! The best part is they are only $2.50 a mask at Walmart. The Charcoal mask is a must for your nightly routine, especially if you are prone to having dry spots!

More By Soo AE

I also have purchased the Soo Ae Lifting & Radiance Collagen mask and the Green Tea Nature Luminous Hydration mask. The lifting and radiance collagen mask did not stay on quite as it moved and lifted on my face but added significant color complexion back in my face, especially around my tired under eyes. It may have not stayed on as well because I was dying laughing applying one of the masks to my skeptical boyfriend. User error on my part! Needless to stay he now has a secret from his guy friends that he loves sheet masks. Anyways, my skin was an even toned finally and didn’t exhibit redness anywhere. This one is great for people who have duller, less vibrant complexions and are looking for that extra glow before applying their make-up.

On the other hand the Green Tea Luminous Hydration Mask was very similar to the Charcoal mask. My skin was smoother, even toned and very hydrated after using this.

I told you my boyfriend loved them too!

Now when I say hydration don’t freak out and think great there is a thin layer of oil or goop emerged in my skin. It is the opposite. You honestly feel so clean but radiant! I have gotten my family, friends and shhhhhh my boyfriend in love with these masks. Us college girls are trying to thrive on a budget and these masks need to be in our make-up bag and included in our skin care routine. Even if you don’t wear make-up or do everyday, our skin needs to be taken care of and pampered at the end of the day. College offers lots of late nights and our skin needs to be taken care of on the daily. Soo Ae has found the trick for silky smooth complexions! Grab your glass of wine, curl up too some Real Housewives and get to pampering your skin with an SOO Ae face mask!



Check Them Out Seriously

Check them out online!
I have found that you can buy them individually at Walmart or in bulk at Target! Happy beauty shopping!

P:s If you are wearing this mask be prepared that your dog will be terrified of you and not want to snuggle. Bella Louise was not amused!



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